We want you to take it seriously, but not too seriously, we want you to laugh and have a great deal of fun. We work extremely hard to provide a progressive training concept, more about along with our personal training services.

We’re normal people, just like you, we just love what we do and enjoy seeing others thrive. Here are a few things we believe are the reasons why we feel you will really enjoy being with us:

Everyone can be strong
No matter if you want to lose weight, get fit, lean up, or be faster than a speeding bullet, we all need a decent foundation of strength.

Health then Performance = Aesthetics
Performance is a bi-product of health, and aesthetics is a bi-product of performance. Become healthier first, everything else will follow.

We don’t believe in “fads”
We don’t follow the latest nutritional or exercise gimmicks. We believe that proven techniques and hard work bring the results.

Functional methods
We use free weights and tailored machine programmes. We design each session individually based on your needs and goals. Our class programmes cater for everyone, from the novice right through to the athlete.

Hard work but equally VERY enjoyable
Our classes and programmes are rewarding. We guarantee a brilliant time and a fun atmosphere to accompany your hard work.

You are joining a team
When you train at Pepper Road Fitness you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people with a common goal, a team environment that will create a close knit community, you will sweat together, and achieve together.