• New Timetable

    Over the past few months we have been assessing the current gym timetable and we have come to the decision to make some changes. We have been watching class numbers very carefully and we feel the need to freshen things up by removing some classes due to the consistently low numbers. We will however be replacing some of the classes and put some on at different times. Please check the timetable page to see the timetable which will be effective from Monday 2nd October.

    Morning Class Changes Explained
    As you can see the main change is the removal of some of the 7:15-8:00am classes. We have found for some duration now that these classes run on very low numbers and even found that some days they haven’t been attended at all.

    Another change in the morning is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will all have a 1 hour class. These classes will still be exactly the same but with an added 15 minutes dedicated towards either Core work or Mobility/Stretching. Wednesday morning will stay exactly the same. Please read through the times carefully. We understand a lot of you need to leave by 7:00am for work, which is fine. The last 15 minutes are for anyone who can stay longer. The Capacity of morning classes will also be increased.

    New Classes
    2 new classes have been added to the timetable at 12:00-12:45pm on Monday and Thursday. If these 2 classes become popular over the trial period then we will look to add another 2 classes to the timetable. These High Intensity Interval Training Classes are a great opportunity to burn some midday calories! Let’s see who the first crazy member is to do 3 classes in a day!!

    Evening Class Changes Explained
    All evening class times will stay exactly the same. The 2 changes we are making are firstly to Tuesday evenings Boxing class and Thursday evenings Warrior Fitness.

    Tuesday evening’s will now be called ‘Physique Workshop’. Each week may be split in to upper and lower workouts. Thursdays Warrior class is changing to ‘Team WOD’ (Team Workout Of the Day). Thursday evenings will no longer be known as the toughest class of the week and will be manageable for all fitness levels. This class will give you a great opportunity to work in a team and meet new people. The team environment will give you that extra push with your Strength and Fitness.

    *If you guys prefer a boxing class over the new class then we can always change back.

    New Equipment
    Some of you may have already seen the 2 new pieces of kit in the gym but if you haven’t we have recently purchased a Ski-erg which is fantastic way of improving your fitness. We have also installed a new cable machine. You will be seeing plenty of these in the classes!

    New Personal Trainer
    October will see the introduction of a new PT Sam Woodall. Sam has been a Personal trainer for some time now so he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him. He’s a fantastic lad and will fit perfectly within the PRF team.

    Test Weeks
    Due to feedback from members we have decided to remove scheduled test weeks. Tests may still occur occasionally but this will be dependent on the trainer of that class.

    Thanks for taking time to read the email, we do understand that some of these changes will affect some more than others but we have had to make a decision for the good of the business and moving forward. There are still plenty of plans going on behind the scenes to develop PRF as we are always looking to progress. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above but we hope you can all enjoy the new changes at PRF.

    Healthy Regards

    Ash, Alan and the PRF Team